Keeping my promise.

His comment to Zagy –

Our forebears and our leaders had adopted a “first to worry thine country’s woes, last to consume thee fruits of labour” view, expressing their concern of the nation’s wellbeing by putting one’s honor and glory on the line. Have you ever considered about the future of the next generation? Such that when you leave this world, that our nation would be better than the one you had arrived in? For a lotus blooming forth from the earth, it still needs to survive the rites of the various challenges, of societal changes, in order to stand tall; only through everyone’s hard work, contributions, and relentless self-improvement, with added value and recognition, creating our own feelings of rootedness, will there be a better composition for tomorrow.

My comment to his entry –

It’s a pity, should everyone holds true to such views, perhaps there would not be chaos that runs rampant in the world, no conflicts, corruption of power, personal greed, or hatred.

From the perspective of Singapore, our current prosperity, is indeed gained through the hard work of our forebears, yet, people in their moments of wealth and power, have a tendency to forget to return part of their success back to the society. Either that, or in the bid to gain more power, more advantage, and through that, forcing the less priviledged to provide more.

 The people do not mind contributing more, putting themselves on the line, as long as that could allow the rest of the populace, its next generation, to live a better life. But when these people realised that, the resources which they have helped garnered had been used to distribute to the hands of a few elites, yet seeing some within the society dropping behind, unable to utilise the resources which they had contributed or enjoy the fruits of their labour, there was a sense of disillusion, and disenchantment.

The old, or those found wanting, would constantly hear those sitting atop their pedestals, making proclaimations that they would not be forgotten, that they would not be abandoned. Yet, when the country’s resources were not disseminated to them, and still expect those, some of which, might still be struggling; to provide more love, care, and concern to aid them.

 How hypocritical..

That which the ruling elite do not wish to commit to, wants the citizenry to pick the burden, while at the same time, do not wish to hear their pleas.

We all wish for a united, peaceful home that is filled with warmth, a place where its citizens are proud to recognise themselves as one. Yet, when the country gets more affluent, there are those whom could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. When the ruling elites asked for more from the citizenry, one could see no end in sight of the calls for more.

 This place.. is it still our home?


~ by azmodeus on January 22, 2007.

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