Apologies and dreams

Well.. it seems that I had been away for a long time, which infact I have, I do have to apologise to those who still keeps track of my non-existent blog (mindfully taking note of the counter tracker).

 Indeed, I have been busy, busy with keeping the more practical needs of my life within this hectic sphere of economic success (or failure to some), that I had to constantly ensure the dough flowing into my bank account, or I’ll have the banks, insurance agencies, phone companies, LTA, HDB, the town council, or even Durex screaming after my ass. Why yes, such is the real world in the life of a typical average working Singaporean. Hmm.. Singapore Dreaming anyone?

 We seemed not to be working for the embetterment of our lives anymore, to enrich our souls, where extra dough simply means a way to enjoy better, to allow ourselves or our dependents to sleep in a relatively better comfort. Such is just a mere dream, where work for the average Singaporean, becomes a daily struggle to ensure survival, to keep up the race to ensure food on the table, roof above our heads, or even water to flush the toilet bowls.

Unfortunately, I have not been exaggerating, that is a fact of life in Singapore. One could no longer hope that his or her meagre savings, such as the one which we have in our CPF accounts to survive us once we are well over into our retirement. We have to look 20-30 years into the future, and work towards a minimal amount of dollars and cents that could help subsist us beyond retirement.

Though today, I don’t really intend to go into a lecture to teach people on how to ensure their survival in Singapore. Trust me, I don’t wish to, since I hate thinking that far ahead. Personally, I am one of a more insouciant nature, believing that there are hardly any constants in nature, people, like many things are subject to and of changes. And I, like half of the young people in Singapore, don’t wish to stay here.

So many times, I had to constantly revisit my dreams, ensuring that they are up to date. Looking back at my previous sentence, I seriously couldn’t help chuckling out loud. Yes,  I understand that this is supposed to be my serious blog but, could we really have a dream that could survive the rigours of changes and the passage of time? I might have believed that persistence and hard work towards a goal would reap its rewards perhaps 15 years ago. Now I believed that maintaining a clear head, having a vision and constantly keeping your reality checked coupled with hardwork and persistence could you ensure that you have a viable dream.

 I probably understand that many romanticists will probably scorn me for my previous paragraph. But let me tell you something..

Get real

So after all that rambling, do you know what my dream is? =)


And yes, time for me to go back to my real world. Till the next time people…



~ by azmodeus on January 24, 2007.

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