The Ow family

I realised I haven’t written anything in a very long time.

It could very well have been attributed to the lack of meaningful things to write about that I can think of.

Somehow, it just seems like the ever long complaints about the government and policies do not elicit any form of  response from the people responsible, and when that constant writing just seemed like writing into a dark void of oblivion..

It just seemed like its pointless.

But that is really another story for another day.

I have managed catch this particular channel 8 show called the Life Transformers 2 (心晴大动员2) on youtube, and I really thank the person for doing so. For his act, managed to help this assiduous executive to momentarily break his cycle of drudgery to catch a moment of true sadness in our heartlands.

No. I do not want to, or seek to find sadness in our supposedly wonderful metropolis.  But to unexpectedly find out that, there are some members  within our media industry,whom were bold enough to produce a show that presents a disparate Singapore that lies on a divergent path, a Singapore that is so ‘uniquely’ different from the one being usually presented by our local media.

In the words of Kishore Mahbubani,

Singapore is a safe city, because there is ‘an absence of desperate poverty.

And through this show, while some of us may have already know for a long time, but now we know for sure – that Kishore is wrong.

We have a family in Singapore whom are at their wits end, parents in their sixties whom have to take care of their two children whom are suffering from intellectual disability for the past 35 years. Their two children whom have trouble clearing their bowels, showering themselves, lest to say to find a well paying job to allow them to fend for themselves.

A father who could not find an employer willing to hire a sixty year old, whom is suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and arthrities.

A mother whom because of the need to take care of her children, have difficulty looking for a job that is flexible enough to allow her to take care of her sons.

Because of their predicament, they have difficulty holding down a stable job to allow them to pay a monthly rental of $411 to HDB. Only to be given a notice that their 2 room apartment could be repossessed if they were unable to provide payment on their arrears of $9000. As Mrs Ow had said, if that were to be the case, their family would have to live in the void deck, without a proper place of residence in their old age – all simply because of their simple desire to make sure that their disabled children are properly taken care of.

Such contradiction…

This is what our our minister of community development, youth and sports, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan said about the Many Helping Hands approach,

I want to submit that it is a system that works. Ours is sustainable, ours is flexible and it is delivered by people who knows the ground and truly cares.

To seek help, Mrs Ow had approached HDB for aid only to be rebuffed with unkind words by people who supposedly knows the ground. These are the same people whom truly cared enough by not trying to understand her predicament, telling her to seek further employment rather than to ask for handouts.

This is the type of humiliation that one would have to subjected to, to lower one’s pride only to be rebuffed by officials who informs you to not expect aid even if you truly need it.

As Mrs Ow weeps silently before these people, do we still have the heart to say that this system work?

心晴大动员2 – The Ow Family


~ by azmodeus on December 24, 2009.

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